How to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone?

I have bought a new iphone recently. I don’t want to give up lots of favorite songs, especially the purchased music files, when switching to new iPhone.
So which way can I use to transfer my favourite songs. Please help!

Nossa, essa é novidade… em inglês agora. hahaha tamo ficando chique. lol

By the way… did you buy the msongs from what store? Sometimes is just to log in into that service or just copy the files…

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You can use iTunes to sync your music library between your devices.

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Ele deve tá muito perdido na internet kkkkkkk :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Por outro lado, é uma excelente chance do tecnoblog de analisar uma expansão

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Dear friend @huogewozi: If you have a computer with Windows OS, download iTunes for it you can transfer not only the songs, but other files that may be in your backup (such as contacts); Now, if you use MacOS, I recommend using the Music native app as it can transfer your music!
In the latter case, if you don’t have a PC/Mac, I recommend visiting a physical Apple Store, as they can help you!!!
Good luck, and then leave us your feedback, and your problem is solved!

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